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What is Appendictis?

Appendicitis is a medical affliction which deals with the inflammation of the appendix, a finger-shaped sac that extends from your colon on the lower right side of your abdomen. Appendicitis is the source of pain in your lower right abdomen. However, in the majority of patients, pain begins around the navel and progressively spreads. The pain of appendicitis typically becomes worse as the inflammation increases, eventually becoming severe.


Appendicitis doesn’t have the most obvious markers in most cases but, may manifest itself into the following signs and symptoms:

  • Pain that starts on the right side of the lower abdomen and spreads to the left.

  • Sudden discomfort starts around the navel and moves to the lower right abdomen.

  • Coughing, walking, or other jarring motions aggravate the pain.

  • Appetite loss.

  • Low-grade fever, which may become more severe as the disease advances.

  • Diarrhea or constipation

  • Bloating in the abdomen

  • Flatulence


The diagnosis of the aforementioned ailment with a physical exam, but may also include abdominal imaging tests such as CT and MRI scans alongside blood and urine tests among others. Appendix treatment in Delhi on the other hand often involves a judicious mix of surgeries, controlled diets, and medications. In rare cases, it might also include pregnancy tests and pelvic examinations, to rule out the former options as well as determine the cause of the swelling and tenderness. Nevertheless, with our permanent solution based laparoscopic surgical procedures using the latest technologies rest assured, our experienced staff at B9 Care prioritizes the comfort and health of our valued patients.

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