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What is Hernia?

Hernia refers to a medical condition that occurs when an internal organ or other body part protrudes through a muscle or tissue wall that typically holds it in place. The vast majority of hernias occur in the abdominal cavity, between the chest and hips.


Common symptoms of the above-described affliction include:

  • A visible bump or protrusion can be pushed back in or vanishes when lying down.

  • If you find yourself laughing, sobbing, coughing, or straining, during a bowel movement.

  • Swollen groin or scrotum swelling.

  • Severe pain in the site of protrusion.

  • Lifting causes pain.

  • The size of the bulge grows larger with time.

  • An agonizing sensation that lasts for a long time.

  • A feeling of fullness or indications of bowel obstruction.


The diagnosis of the disease often is a multi-step procedure which on average includes a physical examination to locate the protrusion in the place where a hernia has formed. Soft-tissue imaging, such as a CT scan and X-rays, may be used to accurately diagnose the illness in some circumstances.

Hernia treatment in B9 Care is a combination of medication, therapy, and surgery in most cases. Nonetheless, with our permanent laparoscopic surgical solutions with advanced technology rest assured, our experienced staff at B9 Care focus on the comfort and health of our valued patients.

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