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What is Hydrocele?

A hydrocele occurs when fluid fills the scrotum of a male, causing it to expand. It is not a serious health problem, but it may be humiliating and inconvenient. Hydroceles are more prevalent in male newborns than in adults, and there are innumerable quality treatments available to alleviate the condition.

About 10% of newborn male newborns develop a hydrocele, which usually resolves without therapy during the first year of life. Hydroceles affect only around 1% of adult males and usually go away on their own.


Hydroceles seldom cause discomfort, and the most prominent symptom is usually a chronically swollen scrotum. Nonetheless, hydroceles are often extensively unpleasant in adults. The more fluid there is in the hydrocele, the heavier the scrotum feels. Historical data also shows that some people feel that the swelling is more bothersome in the morning than in the evening.

If you have acute scrotal discomfort or swelling, especially after an injury to the scrotum, you should seek a hydrocele doctor immediately or as soon as possible.


A clinician can identify an adult hydrocele using a combination of tests and observations, such as a physical exam, followed by an imaging test, such as an ultrasound. A hydrocele can't be treated with medicine. The best hydrocele treatment, If the hydrocele does not heal on its own, is surgery to avoid future problems. Rest assured that the comfort and health of our valued patients are a top priority for our trained personnel at B9 Care.We offer advanced laser and laparoscopic surgical treatment.

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