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What is Hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty, also known as hymen restoration surgery, is a surgical technique that seeks to repair the skin membrane in the lower section of the vaginal canal known as the hymen. The cosmetic repair, reconstruction, or synthesis of a woman's hymen is also known as hymenorrhaphy. Revirginization is another term for restoring the hymen.The hymen breaks or tears at the time of the female’s first sexual intercourse. She may bleed a little due to the breaking of this tender muscle. The hymen can also break or tear due to vigorous physical activities or workouts like gymnastics, horse-riding, swimming, etc. The hymen may also break in accidental cases, where the female may need immediate medical assistance or surgery.


It is a surgery.


Despite the fact that this is a clinical procedure that requires no hospitalization and allows women to return to work the same day, excessive exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided.

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