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Termination of Pregnancy


What is Termi. of Pregnancy?

Pregnancy termination is a medical-surgical as well as non-surgical procedure that ends a pregnancy without giving birth to a child. Depending on how many weeks you've been pregnant, you can either take medication or have a surgical procedure to stop the pregnancy. Nonetheless, contrary to the popular myth a miscarriage is poles apart from an abortion mainly because the pregnancy in the former terminates without medical intervention. However medical care may be required by the mother after such a miscarriage.

Medicational Termination of Pregnancy MTP- For a period of 0 to 7 weeks, the abortion can be performed with oral medicine. Females who undergo medical procedures can return to work the following day. For a medical abortion, the pregnancy termination doctor will give two types of medication that, which when combined, will result in a miscarriage.


Surgical medical termination of pregnancy- Surgical abortion is the only safe technique to end a pregnancy for a girl who is 7 to 12 weeks pregnant. Before the operation, a pill may be inserted into the vagina to soften the womb's neck (cervix). This makes the operation run more smoothly. The operation is usually completed in 10 minutes or less, however, you will need to remain until the effects of any sedative (or anesthesia) have worn off. This varies from person to person, but it is usually a couple of hours. The pregnancy termination doctors in Delhi will also want to ensure that you are not bleeding excessively and that you can pass pee without difficulty. Normally, you will be given the option of undergoing a surgical abortion while still awake (with local anesthesia).


Mini Delivery- During the first 12 to 20 weeks of pregnancy, a technique called "Mini Delivery" is done. This MTP treatment necessitates a one-day hospital stay. In later stages of pregnancy, surgical tools are used to remove the pregnancy rather than suction.

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