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What is Piles?

Piles, also known as hemorrhoids, is a collection of tissues in the human anal canal, which help in regulating stool management. However, when such vascular structures become inflamed and swollen, they are a cause for medical concern. Nonetheless, there is no need to panic. Piles is a relatively common condition, which can plague both men and women and can be treated easily with the current medication as well as other medical procedures.


Piles may often not present obvious symptoms in patients. Hence, if you are experiencing any of the under given symptoms, it might be time to visit the best piles doctor in Gurugram:

  • A mass in or around the anus

  • Bleeding during bowel movements

  • The release of sticky mucus or leaking feces from the anal cavity

  • Constipation is a common recurrence or chronic condition

  • The skin around the anus is tender and/or irritated.

  • Extensive and continuous discomfort and agony following bowel movements.


  • Piles may be majorly compartmentalized into two major segments of internal and external. Internal piles, as the name implies, form within the anal canal, although they can also protrude and dangle outside the anus. This sort of pile is further categorized based on whether or not it emerges from the anus and, if so, how far it emerges. They may be further classified into:

  • Grade I:- These are characterized by minor inflammations, generally inside the anus lining, and are invisible to the naked eye.

  • Grade II:- Lumps in this stage are bigger than Grade I piles but remain within the anus. They may be pushed out during stool passage, but they will retract unassisted.

  • Grade III:- Such lumps occur outside the anus and are also known as prolapsed hemorrhoids. They may be felt dangling from the rectum, but they are easily retracted with a bit of external help.

  • Grade IV- The lumps in this stage are extensively bigger and remain outside the anal channel. As a result, they require immediate medical assistance, especially in case of retraction and reinsertion.
    External piles are tiny lumps that develop on the anus's outer border. They are extremely irritating and can become severe if a blood clot forms, as the clot might obstruct the flow of blood. External piles that have thrombosed or clotted hemorrhoids demand prompt medical attention.

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