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Fissure treatment

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What is Fissure?

An anal fissure is a proctological condition caused by a small tear in the thin, moist tissue (mucosa) that surrounds the anus. An anal fissure might occur when you pass hard or large feces during a bowel movement. Anal fissures are often characterized by pain and bleeding in bowel movements. Constipation is a common problem among individuals of all ages but is especially prevalent in newborns and young children, and as a result, anal fissures are quite a common occurrence among the same. Other common causes may include childbirth, anal intercourse, and chronic diarrhea. They can also be a result and indicator of HIV, anal cancer, and syphilis in a few rare cases.


Some of the most common symptoms experienced by fissure patients include:


  • Your anus has a noticeable rip in the skin around it.

  • Next to the rip is a skin tag or a tiny lump of skin.

  • During bowel motions, there is a sharp discomfort in the anal region.

  • Blood stains on stools or toilet paper after wiping.

  • Itching or burning in the anal region.

Nonetheless, for a more accurate diagnosis, if you are experiencing any of the above, it might be time to visit the best doctor for fissure in Gurugram.


  • Your doctor will most likely inquire about your medical history and do a physical examination, which will probably include a light examination of the anal area. Because the position of the fissure provides indications regarding its origin, internal examinations such as an anoscopy or colonoscopy may be required for a precise diagnosis.

  • The best fissure treatment in Gurugram depends upon its severity but is usually a mixture of surgical and nonsurgical options such as medications and LIS. However, surgical options over their medication counterparts are only preferred in cases of chronic fissures which last for more than eight weeks. 

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