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What is Piles?

Piles is the swelling of the haemorrhoids inside and around the anus. It occurs when the blood vessels in and around the anus enlarge due to prolonged restriction in the physical activity or lacking diet or inactive lifestyle. Piles is a curable disease and with the best of the technology has to offer the procedures are safe and less invasive.

Piles usually present in 2 ways 

  • External Piles are centred around the anus right under the skin. They are visible and hence can be spotted eary. And due to the highly sensitive nerve clusters around the anus the patient will experience constant pain as well as bleeding.

  • Internal Piles  are located far within anal canal, and and are not visible to the naked eye. The only clear symptom of the internal piles is bleeding.

Detecting piles / Symptoms of piles.

Piles have multiple symptoms which also shows as pre warning signs:

  • Excessive itching around the anus.

  • The constant pain around your anus.

  • The presence of mucus in your underwear or on toilet paper.

  • The presence of blood during or after the excrement.

  • Formation of lumps and bumps around anus.

Treatment of piles 


Anyone at any age can be affected by piles. About half the population experience this condition at once in their life. Piles is a very common issue during pregnancy especially during the second and 3rd trimester. Recent medical studies have shown that people over 45 years of age usually get affected by piles due to the sedentary lifestyle that we as a society have adopted. 


There are multiple treatments for piles which can range from home remedies to procedures that help to reduce piles and then there are the permanent treatments for piles.


  • Home remedies might sound wondrous but they have lost their effectiveness over the time as the lifestyle of individuals has completely shifted in the last 25 years. Hence home remedies which might have worked once.For the previous generation might not give the desired results and sometimes they can even be counterproductive.


  • The treatment of grade 1 and 2  internal haemorrhoids includes medicine, a new and personalised diet and constant monitoring, in some cases topical creams are also included.


  • The treatment of grade three of internal haemorrhoids is also medicine and a change of diet but may require surgical intervention if the symptoms are severe especially if gangrenous tissue is found.


  • Treatment of grade four internal piles requires prompt surgical intervention. 


  • For the external piles, laser treatment is the most advanced and easy solution as the risk factor is the lowest and the laser surgery helps in minimising the amount of blood flow by blocking the blood vessels and tissues which in turns eradicate piles. 

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Dr. Daipayan Ghosh

MBBS, DNB - General Surgery

General Surgeon, Laparoscopic Surgeon, Proctologist, Bariatric Surgeon

21 Years Experience Overall  (11 years as specialist)

Medical Verification Verified

Dr. Daipayan Ghosh is an alumnus of the prestigious Nil Ratan Sircar Medical College, Kolkata, West Bengal which earlier in British times was named Campbell Medical School. He completed his post graduate studies at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi followed by a stint in Pediatric Surgery as a super specialty SR at Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi for two years. He thereafter joined the Indian Army in the Army Medical Corps and served as a Specialist Surgeon completing challenging assignments at active zones of war and in extreme weather conditions. He then established the Laparoscopic Surgery center at Military Hospital, Nasirabad bringing high quality minimally invasive surgical expertise to the small subzonal hospital. Having served his time in the Army Dr. Daipayan Ghosh began practicing in Gurgaon from the year 2017. Dr. Ghosh aims to provide you the ease and affordability of quality care helped by surgery and post surgery rehabilitation using the best of modern techniques of Laser and Laparoscopy enabling faster recovery, minimal hospital stay and early return to work.

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